Feis Charn Tóchair 2022

Feis Charn Tóchair 2022 – Returns to An Carn.

A celebration of the Irish Language and Culture

We are very excited that Feis Charn Tóchair will be back on-site at An Carn this year.

The big event will take place on Saturday 14th May, 2022.

The aims of Feis Charn Tóchair are to promote and celebrate the revival of the Irish language and culture in County Derry. There will be a variety of sections in the feis which will be suitable for all, Naíscoil, Gaelscoil, English medium primary and Secondary school students.

The plans and arrangements are all underway preparing for the day of the Feis. All we need now is for children and young people to submit entries to the competitions. Please find below the range of competitions:

The Feis Competitions are as follows:

  • Scholarship Award Competition:

A part-scholarship of up to 50% fo the course fee will be awarded to at least two students in each year group from Year 8 to Year 13 to attend a summer college in the Gaeltacht.

  • Conversation: This competition provides an excellent opportunity for parents of children of all ages to experience how Irish-medium Education can deliver true bilingualism. We strongly encourage parents to enter their children into this competition. This is suitable for both bunscoil and naíscoil children.
  • Fáinne Competition: This competition is open to secondary school students. Gaelscoil / Bunscoil children are not permitted to enter the Gold Fáinne. Children in R5 + may enter for Silver Fáinne. A full range of questions and sample layout of the structure of this competition available on the following link. FÁINNE COMPETITION
  • Poetry recitation: This competition is suitable for a range of age groups, for both fluent Irish speakers and basic learners. The categories include; naíscoil, Gaelscoil, English medium primary & secondary school.  There are a range of poems suitable for each age group.Teachers usually practice the poems with the children in school on the lead up to Feis, but we now also have recordings and videos of poems available on our You Tube channel. Feis Charn Tóchair – YouTube  Please check your child’s teacher which poem your child’s class will be learning. Please click on the link below for the full list of poems for the required category.

    Choice of poems for English Medium Primary Schools

    Choice of Poems for Gaelscoileanna

    Choice of Poems for Secondary Schools

  • Writing Competition – Short story: This competition is suitable for Bunscoil/Gaelscoil children and Secondary school students. You are asked to write a short story in Irish of 500 words (or less) The fee has been waived for this competition. Pieces of writing must be submitted by Friday 6th May 2022
  • Writing Competition – Poetry
  • This competition is suitable for children attending Gaelscoileanna in Rang 5 to Rang 7 and all secondary school students. The fee has been waived for this competition. Pieces of writing must be submitted by Friday 6th May 2022
  • Art Competition: This competition is suitable for all.  Pieces of artwork must be submitted by Friday 6th  May   Please read the notes section of the Rules and Guidelines for art entry requirements:     Themes: 

Naíscoil: Open Choice

Rang 1 / P1 – Rang 7 /P7 = Summer

Year 8 – Year 14 = The Place I Like Best.

  • Traditional Music: This competition is suitable for all. There are a variety of categories; tin whistle, flute, fiddle, banjo/mandolin, accordion, concertina, harp, guitar, bodhrán, harp, traditional music group and traditional singing.

Deadlines For Entries

All entries must be submitted through www.ancarn.org/whats-on by THURSDAY 28th APRIL. Entries will not be accepted after this date as this is to allow time to draw up the timetable for the day of the Feis.  Schools and parents will be notified of timeslots for each competition via email.

Fee  –

The cost of entry is £2.50 per pupil per competition for the following competitions:  Poetry recital, Conversation, Art, Traditional Music, Traditional Singing

£4.50 Fáinne competition  – (this is to cover the cost of the badges)

£5.00 Scholarship competitions – Entrants are required to take part in another competition – Poetry recital, traditional music, or traditional singing. The fee covers the two competitions.


Please read the Rules and Guidelines for each competition before submitting your entries; Rialacha & Treoirlínte FCT’22



Please ensure you enter your child’s name, school and class.

Select the required tickets for each competition  they wish to enter.

For Music, Fáinne & Scholarship competitions – you can select from a list which instrument, fáinne or additional competition they wish to enter.

Complete the transaction and repeat if you are booking more than one child.

Click on the following link for more information and to submit entry to the Feis    Feis Charn Tóchair 2022 (ancarn.org)