About Us

Carntogher Community Association was established on 8th January 1992 to address the effects of generations of economic, social and geographical marginalisation, agricultural intensification and rural decline.

The effects of this included social and economic disadvantage, economic migration/emigration, the erosion of natural habitats and the decline in the use of the Irish language as a spoken community language.

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Whilst there has long been a strong, close knit local community with a vibrant GAA club (Sleacht Néill), in the early 1990s, like many other rural communities throughout Ireland, the area was in decline – with limited availability of housing, rural depopulation, low levels of community services or infrastructure.

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The Community Association was set up to help deliver a range of initiatives aimed at creating healthy, happy and confident individuals and a prosperous and sustainable rural community.

  • An attractive place to live and grow up in, where our young people feel an important part of and want to make their permanent home.
  • An area where housing and a range of other community-service infrastructure is available for young families.
  • A community with a pride in its area, its local environment and in its cultural and linguistic heritage.
  • A bilingual community, playing an important part in turning the tide of language decline to reinstate its indigenous language.
  • A tolerant, outward-looking community with a collective self-confidence and that is welcoming to others.
  • A community lighting the way for other communities throughout Ireland and beyond to rediscover their purpose and long-term sustainability.