Fréamhú Teanga

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Fréamhú Teanga

Fréamhú Teanga: The future of the Irish Language in Carn Tóchair.

A symposium on the future of the Irish Language in Carn Tóchair and the surrounding area. Join us as we discuss the biggest questions facing the language

 today and what is in store for us as a language community in the 30 years ahead.

On the night we will have presentations from three experts  with the opportunity for questions and discussions afterwards.


Donncha Ó hÉallaithe -Fás nó Bás: the future of the Irish language by the statistics

‘The 2021 census shows that the number of Irish Speakers in the North is growing but the opposite is happening in the South with an ongoing erosion of the amount of people using Irish daily both in Gaeltacht and non Gaeltacht regions between 2011 and 2016. The question that will be explored in this talk is: I the ancient langauge of Ireland dying or are there signs of life to be found in the census results.?’  


Niall Ó Catháin –  Ó Theanga Scoile go Teanga Phobail

An analysis and projection of the growth and development of the Irish Language in Carn Tóchair in the next 30 years.


Pádraig Ó Mianáin – An Teanga Seo Leath-Linn?

A discusion of language identity in the Carn Tóchair language community, the spoken venacular that will develop in the 25 years ahead, and the role English and the Donegal dialect will play in that local vencular.


Symposium Chair: Nodlaig Ní Bhrollaigh


Mar 03 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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