Leabharlann Phobail An Carn Community Library

We are delighted to relaunch An Carn Community Library. After significant investment in Irish language books, installing a library management system and categorisation of the books, we can begin inviting our community to register to the library.
The children’s books are separated into class age- groups and colour coded, to help parents find books suitable for the age of their child / children.
As a certain amount of non-fiction books for adults have still to be added to the electronic library system, there will be an opportunity for adults to register at a later date, when this is complete.

With this project, we welcome people to volunteer some time to help deliver our library services.

This might include checking in and out books at different opening time sessions and organising and returning books to the shelves.

Please read library charter below:

Cairt an leabharlainne // Library Charter

We ask parents:
–  to help children to care for the books.
– talk to your child about the story, the characters, the things they like or don’t about the story.
– Each member may borrow one book each for up to 2 weeks.
Through completing this form and providing your contact details, you give permission to (An Carn), to send a reminder to you, if you have a book for longer than the agreed time.
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