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Carntogher Resilience Project

Carntogher Resilience Project aims to improve the infrastructures in place to deal with emergencies such as electricity failure, flooding, heavy snow and community rescue events within the Carntogher and Maghera area.  The project will involve the establishing of an emergency plan using the volunteer resources already in place and working with local agencies such as North West Mountain Rescue, emergency services and health services (such as Dalriada First responder scheme).  To implement the project a number of equipment items will need to be purchased including: a generator which will be essential to ensure electricity supply is maintained to An Carn community centre and An Coire Arts Centre which will be used as emergency rest centres.  Also defibrillator cabinets will be needed to locate defibrillators on external walls to ease access for the local volunteers and health professionals when required.  Furthermore an emergency plan booklet will be created and maintained to ensure proper procedures are in place with appropriate emergency services and provide reassurance for those most vulnerable and isolated  in times of need. 

The project has been funded by the Big Lottery Awards for All grant and will commence from April 2016.  

  • North West Mountain Rescue
  • Defib
  • An Coire in the Snow

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