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Feis Charn Tóchair 2014

Feis Charn Tóchair 2014 –

A celebration of the Irish Language and Culture

Feis Charn Tóchair will take place on Saturday 7th June 2014.  The aims of Feis Charn Tóchair are to promote and celebrate the revival of the Irish language and culture in County Derry. There will be a variety of sections in the feis which will be suitable for all, naíscoil, gaelscoil, English medium primary and Secondary school students. Adults are also welcome to take part in the competitions (please enquire for further information).




The Feis Competitions are as follows:

  • Scholarship Award Competition:

A part-scholarship of £150 will be awarded to at least two students in each year group from Year 8 to Year 13 to attend a summer college in the Gaeltacht.

  • Conversation: This competition provides an excellent opportunity for parents of children of all ages to experience how Irish-medium Education can deliver true bilingualism. We strongly encourage parents to enter their children into this competition. This is suitable for both bunscoil and naíscoil children.
  • Fáinne Competition:

This competition is open to secondary school students and to adults. A full range of questions and sample layout of the structure of this competition available in the Feis brochure.

  • Poetry recitation: This competition is suitable for a range of age groups, for both fluent Irish speakers and basic learners. The categories include; naíscoil, Gaelscoil, English medium primary & secondary school.  There are a range of poems suitable for each age group. 
  • Writing Competition – Short story: This competition is suitable for bunscoil children and secondary school students. You are asked to write a short story in Irish of 500 words (or less) This year the £2 fee has been waived for this competition.
  • Writing Competition – Poetry
  • This competition is suitable for children attending Gaelscoileanna in Rang 5 to Rang 7 and all secondary school students. This year the £2 fee has been waived for this competition.
  • Art Competition: This competition is suitable for all. 
  • Traditional Music: This competition is suitable for all. There are a variety of categories; tin whistle, flute, fiddle, banjo/mandolin, accordion, concertina, harp, guitar, bodhrán, harp, traditional music group and traditional singing.
  • School Choir Competition -  

Choirs may be accompanied or unaccompanied. Each school is responsible for providing their own accompaniment (if they require it). Each choir is required to sing two songs in Irish of their own choice; a fast tune and a slow air. There will be three levels in this year’s choir competition; Primary school KS1, Primary school KS2 and the secondary school level.

Cost for entry of £10 per choir


Deadlines For Entries

Please send entry forms and fees for all competitions to Leonne at An Carn  by Friday 16th May it is essential that all entries are received by this date as this is to allow time to draw up the programme of entries for the day of the Feis. 

Schools will be notified of timeslots for each competition.

The cost of entry is £2 per person per competition* (except  for the writing competitions and school choir competitions)

Brochures containing full details about each of the competitions are available upon request from An Carn. More information can also be found on the An Carn website or by contacting An Carn’s Irish Language Development Officer, Leonne Ní Loinsigh: 028 79549978



An Carn Saturday 7th June
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